We were born in 2019, bringing to Brazil the smart convenience store model, created by Amazon in the United States, known as Amazon Go.

With the purpose of developing autonomous solutions, we began our operation by implementing the first minimarkets in residential condominiums.

We combine access control and payment technology with the construction of modular spaces to offer convenient shopping services without any human interaction.

The growth of this model was exponential. In two years of operation, we reached more than 600 stores across Brazil, the United States, Portugal, Spain and the United Arab Emirates, collecting more than 6 million customers.

We incorporate data intelligence to obtain dashboards with consumer patterns and pricing and consumption trends.

Our business model quickly evolved to implement micromarkets in corporate spaces such as We Work, Onovolab and in companies concerned with the comfort of their employees.

The demand for the development of customized projects happened naturally. Big brands approached us to develop specific and personalized projects, such as cases for creating new sales channels, other brands for product launches and branding at specific events.

Such projects have now gained special attention within our company.

Onii Special Projects is our methodology to co-create innovation with deliverable products in the shortest possible time.