How does the Onii app work?

Learn how the Onii app can help you get started in the standalone store market. Below is a step by step on how to use the Onii app and be more successful in your daily professional life!

The autonomous world and its trends

The autonomous world is already a reality in our daily lives and promises to bring about several changes. Learn more about these trends and news that are making the world increasingly autonomous.


Imagine a future where you can do your shopping quickly, conveniently and without queues, all thanks to Onii's innovative technology.

A New Business Model: Stand-Alone Convenience Store

With its success abroad, the autonomous convenience store is already a reality in Brazil with Onii. This model allows purchases to be made in a practical and fast way at any time of the day, without the need for contact with other people.

The best standalone shopping experience now in a modern and intuitive app.

Discover the new era of stand-alone shopping with the Onii app. A revolutionary experience, with a modern layout and improved functionality, to facilitate and expedite your purchases.

São Carlos's first innovation report

São Carlos emerges as an innovation hub with 179 startups and stands out Onii, an autonomous convenience store franchise. The report also reveals communities, coworking spaces, and entrepreneurship events driving the city's growth.

How does the Onii app work?

The Onii app is what allows customers to access the store, in addition to controlling the entire payment process. This gives clients and the entrepreneur peace of mind, who will not need to hire employees to carry out operations at their establishment.

What is the impact of autonomous technology on companies?

Being autonomous does not mean performing some tasks alone, but rather doing activities, which previously required a human being to conduct them. Technology shortens paths and allows companies to have increasingly optimized processes.

Autonomous market in condominiums: what are the advantages?

More and more landlords and residents of housing estates are becoming convinced of the advantages of having an autonomous market in condominiums. After all, who wouldn't want to have a supermarket just a few steps from home? That's why this retail model has grown a lot in recent times, and has also been driven by the Covid-19 pandemic. Those who are thinking of entrepreneurship, therefore, have a great opportunity in their hands, offering this type of store for condominiums.

Onii's successful partnerships don't stop

Always seeking to increase our presence in condominiums spread across cities across Brazil, we continue to partner with the best construction companies and developers. Take a look at some of the most recent partnerships we have signed!

How does a Micro Market work in condominiums?

Our society is constantly changing and experiencing phenomena that cause people to change their behavior. An example of this is the recent need for social isolation, imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. People have learned to buy online and also to value more what is close to home, to avoid large commutes and crowds. Such behaviors have been ingrained and should remain common in society for years to come.

Onii opens store in Porto Alegre club

Following the expansion to cities across Brazil, Onii recently inaugurated its newest unit, which is located in Clube dos Jangadeiros, Porto Alegre — RS. This is Onii's first stand-alone convenience store that operates in a club. The idea is that associates and visitors to the place can shop conveniently and quickly at the establishment.

Micro market: clarify all doubts about this technology

The micro market is a trend that is increasingly found in companies, coworkings, schools, colleges, condominiums and other places where there is a large circulation of people. If you don't know what we're talking about, don't worry! We have prepared this content so that you can answer all your questions about this technology. Next, we will present the main questions that people ask about the subject and we will clarify them. Follow up!

Standalone store: everything you need to know about it

The future of retail lies in the standalone store! This type of establishment is already present in several Brazilian cities and is constantly expanding! Due to the growth of the segment, many entrepreneurs are seeking more information on the subject, considering that a stand-alone store can become quite profitable.

What is a stand-alone convenience store and how does it work?

Do you know what a stand-alone convenience store is and how does it work? This is a business model that promises to bring much more convenience to customers, and is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to invest in licensing. Next, we will present the idea and the way in which an autonomous market works. We will also introduce Onii and the types of products it offers.

8 advantages of a stand-alone condo convenience store

Do you know the stand-alone convenience store model for condos? This is a very worthwhile investment, considering the benefits that this type of business brings to residents of housing estates. Self-contained stores are on the rise, mainly because people are more isolated, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus.