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ONII guarantees the security and privacy of identity to all its USERS, who are understood as any and every person who uses ONII services and systems, directly or indirectly.

ONII warns that the use of services available on the sites can only be carried out upon registration or registration of the USER.

Through this policy, ONII ensures the privacy and security of all data registered in its database by advanced cryptographic systems or similar. Such data will only be used and disclosed by ONII to obtain services related to its corporate purpose.

The USER registered in the ONII system must have access data to the services available on the ONII channels. The USER will be solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of their data, exempting ONII from any liability for the misuse of such information.

The USER must not reveal information from their data to anyone, nor use data from another USER. The USER is fully responsible for all activities that occur under their access account and agrees to immediately notify ONII of any unauthorized use or any other security breach.

ONII will not be responsible for any damage caused as a result of the unauthorized use of the USER's data.

ONII reserves the full right to suspend the USER's access and even refuse future registration, if it suspects that the USER has used false information when registering.

All information regarding registration for access to ONII channels, when required, is for the exclusive use of the USER and must not be passed on to third parties. Data must always be protected and, when closing operations, care must be taken to log out of the sites and applications in an appropriate manner (logout).

The registration will only be effective upon prior review and agreement by the USER of this privacy policy. Information about the USER's browsing (IP address, cookies, pages accessed, among others) on ONII channels may be stored in order to generate mass of data for the improvement of the services offered.

ONII may refuse or prevent access to USERS who fail to comply with the conditions established in this Term.


ONII undertakes to:

(I) Not to disclose, without authorization, USERS' data for purposes other than to achieve their services, except for the exceptions contained in this “Privacy Policy”;

(II) Adopt as a policy the commitment not to disclose information about the accesses made by its USERS, unless obliged to do so by court order or in strict compliance with legal or contractual regulations;

Use technical resources in order to constantly improve its services and to adapt them more and more to the needs of USERS; The USER undertakes to:

(I) Comply with the rules of use, as described in more detail below and not violate any safety component;

(II) Do not attempt or assist third parties to circumvent, reverse engineer, disaggregate, or otherwise interfere with any security components with respect to these usage rules, for any purpose;

(III) Do not make any attempt to access the registration of third parties, unless duly authorized;

(IV) Do not modify the site in any way or form or use modified versions of the ONII SYSTEM, for any purpose, including to obtain unauthorized access to the services offered by the sites and applications;

(V) Keep personal and registration information always up to date and not disclose it to third parties;

(VI) Respond, both civil and criminally, for the veracity of the registration information;

The USER is already aware that the information provided through the websites and applications contains a security structure, using technology that protects digital information and limits the use of sensitive information, subjecting it to certain rules of use established by ONII and its representatives. ONII warns that network or system security violations may result in civil and/or criminal liability. By downloading the application and accessing the systems provided by ONII, the USER authorizes ONII and its partners to make telephone contact, contact via message application, and forward promotional and institutional information materials through the e-mail address provided in the registration.


The purpose of ONII's privacy policy is to ensure that any information and personal data of USERS will not be provided, published or marketed under any circumstances unless obliged to do so in the following cases:

(I) to comply with any court order or to comply with an order issued by a competent regulatory body;
(II) to comply with a provision contained in current or coming into force Brazilian legislation;
(III) to comply with the terms of service, in accordance with this instrument;
(IV) to respond to complaints that any content provided violates the rights of third parties.

The personal data provided to ONII are stored in a reserved database with restricted access to some authorized employees who are contractually obliged to keep the information confidential and not to use it inappropriately. These databases are not located in Brazil, but are located on Amazon's premises in the United States.


The copyrights of all content available on ONII channels, including texts, pages, illustrations, graphics, reports, technical data and materials, are protected by Law No. 9,610/1998. The unauthorized reproduction, adaptation, modification or use of the content provided by ONII, in part or in full, is expressly prohibited.


To be an ONII USER, it is necessary for the interested party to register on the ONII platform, providing accurate and complete personal data. ONII is expressly authorized to confirm and consult these personal data provided in public entities, specialized companies and databases. The information obtained by these entities will be treated confidentially.
To register, the USER must provide the following personal data:

Onii app:

Merchonii app:

It is the USER's responsibility to guarantee the veracity of the data, in addition to keeping them updated. ONII automatically collects and stores some information about the activity of registered USERS and visitors to its website/application. Such information may include references to the USER's behavior on the site/application, such as the screens visited, the time spent on each one, the buttons that were clicked and the searches performed, the IP address, versions of the operating systems and software being used, geolocation of the device, among others.


ONII considers the term “information and personal data” to be content that allows the USER to be identified. However, it does not consider data transmitted anonymously as information, thus preventing the USER from being specifically identified with “Non-Personal Information”. Therefore, ONII may use, disclose, and transfer such information (Non-Personal Information) for any purpose. Examples of this data are not limited to age, individual preferences, language, zip code, and area code. In addition, in order to provide informed information and understand which parts of our services attract the most interest, ONII will obtain information from USERS on the site/application. Aggregated data is considered non-personal information for the purposes of this Privacy Policy.


In order to access ONII services, USERS, duly registered, will have a personal password. When formulated by the USER, the password must remain confidential and must not, under any circumstances, be shared with third parties. The storage of passwords is encrypted, thus preventing the action of any employee or malicious person who may attempt to obtain such data.


ONII, under no circumstances, discloses USERS' personal information to third parties for marketing purposes, without their explicit consent. Nevertheless, ONII is completely free to send USERS opportunities that they consider relevant to their profile. By default, all new registered USERS are automatically enrolled in such lists for the dissemination of opportunities and may also request the cancellation of registration from those lists by clicking on link To unsubscribe at the end of the emails sent to these lists.


ONII reserves the right, at any time and periodically, to update, revise, supplement or, in any other way, modify this “Privacy Policy” and impose new or additional rules, policies, terms or conditions to the use of the services offered through the channels mentioned above, or even interactions with the system owned by it. If this Privacy Policy has changed significantly, USERS will be informed by ONII through virtual notification, and if not adhered to by the USER, the USER must express their desire to exclude themselves from the ONII system by contacting us by e-mail contato@onii.app


This Privacy Policy applies to all services and websites offered by ONII. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us at the following emails: contato@onii.app 


After reading the conditions of this term, the USER expressly acknowledges that they have read and understood the rights, obligations and conditions of this term, and that by clicking on the button “I have read and accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy”, they grant ONII the rights established here.