99 Shop: Revolutionizing the Traffic Experience with Autonomous Convenience

In an innovative collaboration, Onii and 99 joined forces to launch 99 Shop, a unique autonomous convenience store located directly in the vehicles of the drivers of the 99 platform.

In an innovative collaboration, Onii and 99 joined forces to launch 99 Shop, a unique autonomous convenience store located directly in the vehicles of the drivers of the 99 platform. This pioneering initiative not only provides a new source of income for drivers but also elevates the travel experience for passengers, offering them the opportunity to make convenient purchases along the way.

The Beginning of a New Era in Traffic

The idea of 99 Shop was born from the strategic collaboration between 99, known for its commitment to constantly improving the transportation experience, and Onii, a pioneer in autonomous retail solutions. The objective was simple: to transform the time spent in traffic into an opportunity for both drivers and passengers.

How Does the 99 Shop Work?

The 99 Shop is equipped with a selection of quality products, chosen to meet the immediate needs of passengers, from snacks and beverages to travel essentials. The purchase process is simple and integrated: passengers use their smartphones to scan a QR code available on the vehicle, select the desired products, pay securely and take their items instantly.

Mutual Benefits

For drivers, such as Jefferson and Debora, who shared their positive experiences with the project, 99 Shop represents an opportunity to increase income and improve customer satisfaction, positively impacting their reviews on the platform. Passengers, on the other hand, enjoy the convenience of being able to shop on-the-go, enriching their travel experience with the 99.

An Innovative Phygital Experience

The “phygital” concept, which merges the physical and digital worlds, is the essence of 99 Shop. By providing an autonomous shopping experience inside a vehicle, 99 and Onii are setting new standards for mobile retail, demonstrating how technology can be used to create solutions that benefit both service providers and consumers.

Looking to the Future

The success of 99 Shop signals a promising future for the collaboration between 99 and Onii. With the continued support of partner drivers and the enthusiasm of passengers, this initiative is poised to expand and evolve, continuing to transform the way people think about mobility and shopping.

The 99 Shop is already making an impact, and the partnership between 99 and Onii promises to continue to innovate, bringing new solutions that make life easier for drivers and passengers. We're just at the beginning of an exciting journey of convenience and innovation.

Onii and 99 teamed up to create 99 Shop, an autonomous convenience store inside 99 cars. This partnership has been an absolute success for drivers and passengers on the platform.

One of the drivers selected to participate in the project was Jefferson, a true 5-star renowned for his attention to detail and incredible tips for other drivers on his Instagram page.

Jefferson was so excited about 99 Shop that he even made a live show to show what it's been like to be part of the project. And it's no wonder, with the 99 Shop, Jefferson can now offer even more convenience to its passengers during races, with useful and quality items available for purchase inside the car itself.

And the benefits don't stop there! The initiative has brought even more success in your relationship with customers, further increasing your score on the platform. And haven't you, a passenger, tried the 99 Shop yet?

Don't waste any more time! In addition to a safe and comfortable ride, you can now take the opportunity to shop along the way. Come to 99 and enjoy a unique experience.

And if you're a 99 driver, don't miss out on this one! 99 driver partner Debora from Rio de Janeiro is already looking forward to the 99 Shop project getting there.

And if you're from São Paulo, contact the 99 team to learn more about how to be part of this successful team!

99 Shop: the stand-alone store that benefits drivers and customers,

The 99 Shop is an autonomous store that was created with the objective of revolutionizing the experience of drivers and customers of 99. But how did that start? And what are the characteristics of the store that make it so special?

The idea came from the partnership between 99 and Onii. By uniting the best of both worlds, 99 Shop was born - an autonomous convenience store that allows drivers to earn extra money while offering a unique experience to customers.

Welcome to the 99 Shop! With Onii, your shopping is just a tap away and you can make the most of your trip!

The 99 Shop is a revolution! In partnership with Onii, we created an autonomous store inside drivers' cars, bringing convenience and another source of income to them, in addition to a unique experience for passengers. While you are running, you can purchase quality products in a practical and fast way. Just access the cell phone camera, read the QRcode, choose the products, pay and take it! #99Shop #Onii #phygital #oniisoluçõesautonomas

The 99 Shop is a revolutionary initiative that is here to stay!

In partnership with Onii, 99 created an autonomous store inside drivers' cars, providing them with extra income and a unique experience for customers.

While the drivers are running the races, customers can purchase quality products practically, quickly and without wasting time.

Just access the cell phone camera, read the QRcode, choose the products, pay and take it! It's that simple!

And best of all, 99 thinks of everyone: with the 99 Shop, drivers can increase their income and offer a differential to their passengers, while customers can purchase quality products during races.

This project pilo in partnership was a success story.