The Onii & BeerTrip Festival: Facilitating the Brewing Experience

The BeerTrip Festival, known as the “Caipira Craft Beer Festival”, is an annual event held in São Carlos-SP since 2015, bringing together lovers and those interested in enjoying quality beers.

The BeerTrip Festival, known as the “Caipira Craft Beer Festival”, is an annual event held in São Carlos-SP since 2015, bringing together lovers and those interested in enjoying quality beers. With more than 50 labels available for tasting and a relaxed atmosphere, the festival is a true paradise for craft beer lovers.

The impact of a successful partnership

Onii, in partnership with DTRIP, organizer of the event, had a special participation in BeerTrip this year. Our focus was to act as a facilitator and bring innovation to the participants' experience.

Through the GOU!! , ONII's revolutionary payment method, visitors were able to enjoy quick and secure shopping at the festival's little store. With the payment option via QR code, using the device's own browser, GOU!! provided ease and agility in transactions, whether by credit card or prepaid balance in the GOU account!!.

That collaboration was a real success. Being adopted as the official payment method for the festival's little store, we were able to see the trust and recognition of the organizers in our payment method. This guaranteed the best for those who mattered: the participants, who were able to enjoy a fluid and innovative shopping experience, ensuring security and efficiency in all transactions.

Another illustrious participant in this event was our Onii app, where interested parties were able to explore a 100% autonomous store, using advanced features such as payment methods, issuance of invoices and inventory control.

ONII's technology allowed an autonomous and practical shopping experience, without the need for interaction with an attendant, providing convenience and agility to consumers.

Feedback from those who experienced this experience:

The presence of Onii at the BeerTrip Festival was praised by the participants and the organizers. The testimony of Carol Tiera, Beertrip's event producer, highlights: “I used the Gou web app!! at the beertrip store during the event and I was satisfied with the ease of use and efficiency. It helped make the buying process more streamlined and fluid for customers. I recommend Gou!! as an effective solution for managing event sales with agility and efficiency.”

Another prominent testimony is from Daniel, owner of Dtrip Eventos: “Gou!! it was an excellent choice to manage the store's sales at the event. I really liked how easy the app is to use and how it helped me keep track of sales. It made the process much more efficient and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.”

But it wasn't just the organizers who praised it. The store operator, who used the Onii app on Beertrip, also expressed satisfaction: “It was very positive to have Onii present at the event. Many people were curious and interested to learn more about the franchise. The app made life much easier for customers, allowing them to make purchases on their own, in an innovative, easy and practical way, without needing anyone's help. Everyone loved the experience and was amazed by the advanced technology that Onii offers. It was a great success!”

The results could also be yours:

ONII's participation in the BeerTrip Festival went beyond the transactional aspect. During the event, the Onii team also had the opportunity to present the brand's franchise model. With more than 720 units in operation, Onii stands out as a pioneer and reference in the autonomous store market.

The advanced technology of the Onii app allows the complete management of operations, from sales to inventory management and identification of consumer demands. Onii is expanding its franchise opportunities to various regions of Brazil and the world, offering benefits such as a reduction in the franchise fee and the monthly system for hiring additional units.

If you were also impressed by ONII's ease of payment and are interested in investing in an innovative and successful business, don't miss the opportunity to be part of the Onii franchise.

The best of technology and exclusive benefits for franchisees: Onii is the right choice for entrepreneurs who want to stand out in the standalone store market. Contact us to learn more about ONII's franchise opportunities and discover how to be part of this success!