Locker is a stand-alone solution for storage.

Locker is a solution for storing goods anywhere and autonomously.

Onii Autonomous Solutions is always looking for innovative solutions to make people's lives easier.

And an example of this is the Smart Locker that was installed in São Carlos-SP. This is yet another stand-alone solution from Onii that promises to revolutionize the way we shop.

OLocker is a solution for storing goods anywhere and autonomously.. The idea is to offer more convenience and flexibility for customers who want to receive their products in a safe place and without having to face queues or waiting for deliveries.

In the video released by Onii, it is possible to see the employee configuring the merchandise that the customer requested and the customer himself receiving the notification that the merchandise is already in the Locker for pickup. And the entire opening process for picking up the goods is simple and intuitive.

The first Locker was installed in the headquarters of the Rosário Pharmacy, but Onii Autonomous Solutions intends to take this solution to strategic points in the city and thus make life even easier for customers who seek convenience and flexibility when receiving their products.

This is a Phygital solution that unites the physical world with the digital world and that promises to bring a new experience to consumers. Onii Autonomous Solutions is always innovating and seeking solutions that can bring more convenience and convenience to people. Are you interested? So don't hesitate to get in touch and learn more about this stand-alone solution