Partnership with Nave Sal da Terra brings the innovation of social entrepreneurship.

Develop innovative solutions for companies to create new, autonomous, scalable sales channels, and thus increase product penetration and profitability.

Develop innovative solutions for companies to create new, autonomous and scalable sales channels, thus increasing product penetration and profitability. Our goal if we didn't think about the ecosystem in a broader way and with infinite possibilities for improvement.

Social actions, which strengthen entrepreneurship to transform the lives of young people through innovation, are also part of our repertoire of ideas, rooted in our purpose.

We took advantage of the importance that Onii Autonomous Solutions gains in the market for developing solutions combining technology and intelligence, and we expanded our capacity for achievement to the social field through the creation of the eegloo project.

The project, initiated in São Carlos - SP in partnership with the NGO Nave Sal da Terra (founded in 2010, providing support today to more than 350 vulnerable children and adolescents), aims to facilitate the path of entrepreneurship for low-income young people aged 17 and over. From this partnership, 2 operations have already been inaugurated.

This initiative offers a unique opportunity for young people who often do not have access to resources and opportunities to develop their entrepreneurial skills and capacities.

“We believe that by offering this opportunity, we contribute to the socioeconomic development of these young people and the region in which they operate.” Comments Victor Bermudes, Co-founder of Onii Autonomous Solutions.

Building on the success of the action, Onii plans to take the project to other regions of Brazil and is already holding talks with other NGOs.

It should be noted here that Onii Autonomous Solutions and its partners demonstrate that it is possible to be a for-profit company and, at the same time, to play an important role in promoting positive social changes.

We follow the example of brands that understand their success is directly linked to the well-being of the community in which they operate.